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Some drafting tips that could both help and hurt your fantasy team.

You don’t need all this. Endless research. Numbers coming at you from every which way. Corsi, Fenwick, and PDO just get you all bogged down. Let the Puck Pastor take you away to a simpler and better time when you didn’t need a calculator and a protractor in order to figure out what players to choose. I’m talking about following your heart my friend. And what follows are some heartfelt principles which I absolutely guarantee will have you standing out this season.


Keep your integrity.


Take players you like, and don’t take ones you can’t stand. I don’t care what makes you like a player. It can be flat out weird. I know a guy who under no circumstances will take Henrik Lundqvist. His reason? The man is too damn attractive.  My buddy can handle someone being paid millions of dollars a year to play a game – but only if they are ugly. Lundqvist's style and GQ cover boy looks make him undraftable. I’m not sure what my friend is going to do now that Kiprusoff retired.


You don’t need empirical reasons to validate your choices; pseudo-mystical sounding ones are fine.

Gilbert Brule hasn’t played an NHL game since who knows when. Doesn’t matter. He has healed from his father issues and is good to go. 


Jarred Tinordi moves like the second coming of Jason Allison. Doesn’t matter. This is the year he grows into that big body. 


Nikolai Zherdev is fleeing from the Russian mob. Doesn’t matter. Vladimir Putin appeared in a dream and told you to draft him.


So draft accordingly (I’ve noticed that if fantasy writers add “draft accordingly” to their suggestions it basically serves as a buffer for any criticism).


Rely on instinct.

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