The Ballad of Keith Ballard

Nathan Weselake




Like you, in my spare time, I think about Keith Ballard. Unlike you, I wrote a song about him. 

Still working on the verses but the chorus runs:


Ice time, ice time, where did you go?
Bad hip, MCL, and concussion laid me low.
I tried really hard but your best can’t show.
When you are stuck in the doghouse of Alain Vigneault. 


It has roughly the same tune as “Skyfall” by Adele if you want to try it at home. You’ll find there are parts you have to sing faster than others to make it work. I think you’ll also find that the Canucks’ buyout of Ballard might have him, and astute poolies, singing a new song this year.


Here’s three reasons to have “Ballard” scribbled in the margins of your draft rankings, and not merely etched on your heart.


1. His place on the depth chart.


Two things to consider here.