Star Power in Cap Leagues

Eric Daoust



Incorporating high salary stars to your salary cap league teams.


In cap leagues it is very important to spend your available money efficiently. However, what is even more important is to assemble a roster that will win your league’s championship. If you only rely on going cheap you could be left with a team that lacks the necessary firepower. Unfortunately, the league’s best producers are going to cost you a lot of cap space.


The star players should not be avoided and drastic cost-cutting measures should not be taken in the early rounds. You need to maximize production. Instead, focus your cap bargain research on the later rounds when the best player available is less obvious. The bargain players that you choose to target depends on the size of your league and the format. Here is a chart of Dobber’s point projections for forwards in the upcoming season (40 or more points – no names attached) along with each player’s cap hit:





Obviously, the top players are going to cost the most to own. The farther you move away from the very best players, the more variety you get in cap hit figures. At the 75-point range you begin to see a handful of players who are paid less than $4 million and as you drop below the 55-point mark you see a ton of players who cost less than $2 million. Your early selections will impact how drastically you will have to cut costs in later rounds. With a lot of research and a bit of luck you should be able to find a suitably cheap alternative without sacrificing many points, if any.


To get a better understanding of which players might be best to target in your league, here is a different breakdown of the numbers showing the amount of players in each range and their average cap hit:


Point Range