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A new piece taking a contrarion view on the cap value of James Reimer and Jonathan Bernier

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On Friday September 20th, Steve Laidlaw wrote in the daily ramblings:

 "James Reimer was solid last season, skating on a team that was consistently outshot. I'm not sure Bernier could hold up under fire the way Reimer did last season. If Bernier is just in Toronto to be a backup or an insurance policy the Leafs are paying way too much for it."

I beg to differ about Reimer's play. He is who we thought he was and I've got 16 minutes and 47 seconds to show you why.

First, I understand that we fans look at things through fantasy glasses. It is all about our stat categories. Usually, this means Wins, Shutouts, maybe GAA or Save Percentage. That skews things.

Here are his stats from the last two seasons: