Tomas Plekanec vs. Cody Hodgson

Rick Roos




Determining the higher fantasy hockey value between Tomas Plekanec and Cody Hodgson in this week’s Cage Match


It's a battle of younger versus older this week, pitting veteran Tomas Plekanec against Cody Hodgson and his 139 career NHL games. Who will prevail, and can we learn any general lessons about comparing younger versus older players along the way? There's only one way to find out – Cage Match starts now!


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Career Path and Contract Status

It seems like Plekanec has been around forever, but he's actually played in fewer than 600 NHL games and will turn just 31 years old this season. And while Plekanec's career high 70 point season seems like it happened a lot longer ago than 2009-10, what might surprise you even more is his quiet 33 points last season actually put him in the top 60 in league scoring. Plekanec is signed through the 2015-16 season at $5M per season.

Hodgson's young NHL career has been well documented, starting with being selected tenth overall by Vancouver in the 2008 draft. Hodgson was a full time member of the Canucks by 2011-12, but traded to the Sabres that same season in arguably the year's most high profile deadline deal. Once the dust settled after the trade, Canucks management had unkind words to say about Hodgson, who has responded by scoring 42 points in 68 games with the Sabres, compared to the 35 he tallied in 71 contests while a Canuck. Hodgson recently inked a six year contract that will pay him $3M this season and $5.5M in 2018-19, with a $500,000 raise each season in between.

Past Ice Time and Production

Looking at Ice Time numbers should tell us more about Plekanec than Hodgson, as while Plekanec played the last three seasons in Montreal Hodgson has played in just two full seasons and also split one of them between Vancouver and Buffalo. Both players had to contend with coaching changes during this time frame, but it will be more relevant to look at how the Sabres change – which occurred during last season – affected Hodgson's numbers.