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NHL Player Safety might want to, y’know, protect the players fans pay to watch.


An article written by Steve Simmons last week states that he feels that Brendan Shanahan got the penalties for the Leafs and Sabres right. He couldn't be so wrong.


To quote him, "There will be no argument with the rulings, and maybe a touch of congratulation for taking a difficult hockey situation and bringing sound interpretive perspective to it."


It is the same old same old that has been going on there is not a thing to be happy or satisfied with in his Shanahan's handing out of fines and suspensions.


Even Mr. Simmons admits to it in the following sentence, "The sad part of the Sabres-Leafs affair is that the main perpetrator, the giant bush leaguer without talent named John Scott came away, for a lack of a better term, scot-free."


He justifies the NHL's action of not supplying a suspension to John Scott because he didn't break any written rules. He did his job. He did what his coach wanted him to do. He chose to turn off his brain and let stupidity take over. He instigated a fight with Phil Kessel who had no intention to fight.


Why fight Kessel? Kessel had nothing to do with Corey Tropp getting hurt in the scrap that triggered all this nonsense. Scott got his in game penalties but that is all we are to believe that the league could do to him.


"There will be no out-of-nowhere attacks on skilled players permitted. The mighty department of safety has spoken here without saying what it really had in mind. It didn't have to."


The league said nothing. Does Mr. Simmons believe that another John Scott-clone will not attack another skilled player in such a manner again because his coach will get fined?


The article goes on to detail Toronto's losses, David Clarkson for 10 games and Kessel for the final three pre-season games for his stick work. Clarkson was just as dumb as Scott because he too turned off his brain and jumped off the bench, he deserves his suspension. Some other comments from Leaf players would have you believe that the bag skates that Kessel will have to endure are severe punishment. Phil escaped without a longer suspension because Scott didn't get suspended and he didn't injure Scott. This decision was based on all the wrong reasons.


Players are told that they have to be responsible for their equipment. Zack Kassian got suspended a few days earlier because he was reckless with his stick. Kessel was in control of his but was doing reckless things with it.


Players are told that they have to be responsible for their bodies. There are rules about running goalies so players don't do it. They cannot go after the knees of another player either. Last year, people wanted Cooke to be suspended because they felt he was reckless with his skates and caused Erik Karlsson's injury. What most people forget is that players have to be (or should have to be) responsible for their intentions too.


Watch and listen to John Scott had to say. I was just doing my job.


"I would have went after whoever they put up line next to me", he admits that he had no intentions to play hockey. He chose to not to as