Making Wise Decisions

Nathan Weselake




3 ways to make better fantasy-hockey decisions…


When it comes to decision-making I’m frustratingly unpredictable. 


On one hand, I’m the kind of guy who can sit in front of his Apple TV for a good hour reading movie reviews and watching previews before I decide to invest the whopping $4.99 on a movie. Pretty frequently, the end result of all this movie research is to not bother renting a movie anyway. Drives my wife nuts. If I had a dollar for every time she headed exasperated up the basement stairs with a “call me when you finally choose something” I’d be a rich man. Not Scott Gomez rich, but still rich.


On the other hand, I can be ridiculously impulsive. I’ll adjust a well thought out plan without thinking twice based on my whim in the moment.  I can spend large amounts of money in a baffling way. I once booked a week long vacation in Arkansas online. Not that weird, except that I had sat down at the computer four minutes earlier with the intention of checking the prices of winter tires for a 2002 Ford Taurus. 


I bring both the over-thinking and the impulsiveness to fantasy hockey and neither serves me particularly well. I’ll miss opportunities because of hesitancy. I’ll make stupid choices because I’m impulsive. Needless to say, if you are reading for expert advice you’ve come to the wrong place. My decision-making ability is poor. How poor? Brian Burke poor. Garth Snow poor.


But listen, you ne