Steven Stamkos: Out for Season?

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Fantasy Impact: Steven Stamkos was carried off the ice on a stretcher, his leg possibly broken.


Stamkos was always our “safe” pick. That guy who never gets hurt. Zero games missed in the last four NHL seasons with production of 95 points, 91, 97 and 97 (pro-rated). Steady. In many leagues he was taken first overall by those who don’t want to deal with the risk of Sidney Crosby or Evgeni Malkin. 


But now this.


Here is what happened in Monday’s game against Boston with 7:11 left in the second period:




All we can do is speculate. But ankles don’t bend that way. At best, he’s looking at strained ligaments and maybe three or four weeks on the shelf. At worst, the leg and/or ankle are fractured in addition to the ligament damage – and that would mean February at best and the full season and possibly a round or two of the playoffs at worst.


But lean towards the worst-case scenario given the early information filtering out. This is from Aaron Ward:


Source, Steven Stamkos has broken tibia. Told will require surgery.



Update: This has been confirmed by Erik Erlandsson, beatwriter for the Lightning. Broken tibia, “out indefinitely”.



Fantasy Players Impacted: I’ve long held onto the belief that Martin St. Louis was the driver for Stamkos and not the other way around. This is based on an analysis that I did a couple of years ago that showed that Stamkos was an 80-point player when St. Louis played with Vincent Lecavalier, but a 95-point player when St. Louis played with Stamkos. And Lecavalier, by the same token, was 80 points with and 60 points without. So while there is no other Stamkos currently on the Lightning, St. Louis’ production decline will be minimal. Perhaps a few points.

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