Looking Ahead: Week 10

Bob Fisher



Here are some teams to target and avoid for the next week or two, several players to target that may be available in your league as well as teams that play a light schedule.


Chicago Blackhawks = Target


Games: 8 (4H/4A)

Favorable Matchups:

  • @ Dallas – Ninth worst defensive team in the league.  12 goals against in the last three games.  Kari Lehtonen has only had two games out of his last seven games played where he finished with a save percentage above .900.
  • @ Phoenix – Seventh worst defensive team in the league.  Fourth worst penalty kill.  20 goals against in the past six games.  Normally a stingy defensive team that can't score.  They're scoring some goals this year, and giving up more at the other end.
  • vs. Dallas – See above.
  • vs. Florida – Fifth worst defensive team in the league.  Third worst penalty kill.  13 goals against in the last four games.  Florida is just awful.
  • @ Dallas – See above.


The Blackhawks play eight games in 13 days, which I think is the maximum number of games that can be played in a 13 day span.  So they have that going for them.  Oh, and they're the top offensive team in the league too.  As if you need to be told this anymore, but play your Hawks.


New York Rangers = Consider


Games: 7 (5H/2A)

Favorable Matchups:

  • vs. Winnipeg – 15 goals allowed in the last five games.
  • @ Buffalo – Sixth worst defensive team in the league.  Allow the second most shots against per game.
  • vs. Washington – Slipped back into the bottom ten of the NHL, defensively.  14 goals against in the past four games.


The Rangers are one of the lowest scoring teams in the league at this point in the season.  They were missing Rick Nash since early October.  His last game was his first plus game since his return and only his second goal.  He's startin