Forensics: Clarke MacArthur

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Is Clarke MacArthur good enough to score 60 points this season?


I was in Vancouver for work earlier this week and my good friend (and colleague) Rick, who also happens to be a fantasy hockey junkie, asked me who I would be writing about this week. I told him I had no idea and did what any writer would do – I asked him for some suggestions. Rick then threw out the name Clarke MacArthur as he had just picked MacArthur up off the wire in his eight team league. I knew MacArthur was off to a decent start this season and entertained the idea, but really I thought to myself 'MacArthur, typical third liner, standard 40 point player.' To be honest, I wasn't so sure of the idea.


When I got home later that evening, I started poking around Frozen Pool. A look at MacArthur's career statistics supported my initial "forty point player" assumption, but there it was jumping out at me – MacArthur's 2010-2011 regular season stat line.


2010-2011 Regular Season