3 Buyers, 3 Sellers in the West

Anthony Lancione




Lancione takes a look at three teams that will be buyers and three that will be sellers




We’re only in December, though we can already see the cream beginning to rise to the top. Gone are the quick-starting pretenders (a la Calgary and Long Island). Back to the top of the standings are the predictable evergreens (Pittsburgh, Chicago, Boston and San Jose are the four current division leaders). Colorado has stunned most pundits by hanging in there with the big boys this long.



We’ll take a look at a half dozen Western Conference squads, which I’ve identified as lining up to be eventual Buyers and Sellers — Three of each — and which players are candidates to be shipped out of town in the coming months.






Prognosis: BUYER



The Honda Centre continues to treat the Anaheim faithful with gem after gem, as the Ducks remain the only team in the NHL yet to lose in regulation at home. The Ducks have been a top five team in the league since opening night. This goalie factory can continue to run four deep, spread out over two excellent tandems at both the NHL or AHL levels. However, that would be a wasteful use of resources in what is The Great Teemu Selanne's swan song. They owe it to him and the fan base to stack this team further and really go after a second franchise Cup win.