December 02, 2013

Dobber Sports


Steve Downie is third on the Philadelphia Flyers in scoring. Say what?


The guy who is third in scoring on the Buffalo Sabres has nine points. Huh?


Brad Richards is having a weak season, as I had projected. But he’s still leading the Rangers in scoring. Wha?


And just like that, Evgeni Malkin is second in scoring and a point behind Crosby. If these two stay healthy, then this will finally be that season that I saw coming (and hoped would come). The perfect storm? Maybe two players above 125 points, which would drag both Neal and Kunitz up to 80 despite the slow start (and Letang up over 60 despite the slow start). And it can’t help but pull up Jokinen and Dupuis too. The Penguins are streaking offensively for the first time and that will happen several times this year.


Here we go again with “concussion-like” symptoms. Are they symptoms of a concussion? Then they’re concussion symptoms. Adding the “like” just makes it sound less serious. But the reality is, if you have symptoms of a concussion it doesn’t mean you have a concussion. So it’s okay to say “concussion symptoms”. Anyway, not as stupid as “successful surgery” on my list of pet peeves, but rapidly catching up. It’s already passed “Stanley Cup Finals” on said list (hint: it’s “Final”, there is only one).

So Tyler Seguin missed Sunday’s game with concussion symptoms. I refuse to add the like. He is considered day to day and he will go with the team on their two-game road trip. Here were the line combos, sans Seguin: