Geek of the Week – David Perron

Terry Campkin


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This Sunday’s Geek of the Week: David Perron and his spiking shots on goal rate…


The Edmonton Oilers offer a number of players who are intriguing fantasy options in both the long and short term. Their plethora of first round picks with high-end talent may not have translated into the standings just yet but they have a number of players who are sought after in fantasy hockey leagues everywhere. If I asked you to name the top three Oiler fantasy players though, who would pop in your head first? I am guessing you would start with Hall, Eberle and Nuge; maybe a few people would throw Yakupov in there or Schultz. In my mind, Taylor Hall is the undisputed #1 fantasy asset in Edmonton but the guy who I have pegged as #2 is probably different than who many of you have as the Oilers fantasy runner-up. After Hall, the Oiler I want on my fantasy hockey team is the Geek of the Week: David Perron.


David Perron wasn't drafted by the Oilers, but people often forget that he too is a former 1st round pick (26th overall) and he has a little more seasoning than the Oilers' homegrown firsts. Perron has had some success in the past but on a very deep, equal-rights Blues team, his opportunities were somewhat limited. This year in Edmonton he has seen a more prominent role in the top 6 and he has rewarded Oilers' management by putting up 24 points in 26 games, landing him in a tie for second in team scoring. Perron has only the sixth highest Yahoo! ownership amongst Oiler's skaters, but a look inside the Fantasy Hockey Geek numbers shows us that many fantasy GMs are chasing the wrong Oiler.


Yahoo! Owned Player G A +/- PIM SOG PPP FHG Rank
97% Taylor Hall 10 14 -7 8 82 7 151
97% Jordan Eberle 10 15 -2 6 79 6 157
82% Ryan Nugent-Hopkins 6 16 -11 4 60 8 243
75% Justin Schultz 3 8 -9 10 29 4 261
67% Nail Yakupov 4 5 -17 14 53 5 558
56% David Perron 12 12 0 30 95 8 41


You can see from the above that amongst Oiler's skaters, Perron is the one who has provided fantasy owners with the most value so far this season and it isn't really even close. It should be noted that the number of games Taylor Hall has missed definitely impacts his overall value and as I alluded to above, I would consider him the #1 fantasy player in Edmonton. Eberle, Hopkins and Yakupov though have all played more games than Perron and Perron's contributions still outpace the three highly-touted Oilers youngsters.


The disparity in value between these key Oilers really shows how the FH