Geek of the Week – David Perron

Terry Campkin


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This Sunday’s Geek of the Week: David Perron and his spiking shots on goal rate…


The Edmonton Oilers offer a number of players who are intriguing fantasy options in both the long and short term. Their plethora of first round picks with high-end talent may not have translated into the standings just yet but they have a number of players who are sought after in fantasy hockey leagues everywhere. If I asked you to name the top three Oiler fantasy players though, who would pop in your head first? I am guessing you would start with Hall, Eberle and Nuge; maybe a few people would throw Yakupov in there or Schultz. In my mind, Taylor Hall is the undisputed #1 fantasy asset in Edmonton but the guy who I have pegged as #2 is probably different than who many of you have as the Oilers fantasy runner-up. After Hall, the Oiler I want on my fantasy hockey team is the Geek of the Week: David Perron.


David Perron wasn't drafted by the Oilers, but people often forget that he too is a former 1st round pick (26th overall) and he has a little more seasoning than the Oilers' homegrown firsts. Perron has had some success in the past but on a very deep, equal-rights Blues team, his opportunities were somewhat limited. This year in Edmonton he has seen a more prominent role in the top 6 and he has rewarded Oilers' management by putting up 24 points in 26 games, landing him in a tie for second in team scoring. Perron has only the sixth highest Yahoo! ownership amongst Oiler's skaters, but a look inside the Fantasy Hockey Geek numbers shows us that many fantasy GMs are chasing the wrong Oiler.


Yahoo! Owned Player G A +/- PIM SOG PPP FHG Rank
97% Taylor Hall 10 14 -7 8 82 7 151
97% Jordan Eberle 10 15 -2 6 79 6 157
82% Ryan Nugent-Hopkins 6 16 -11 4 60 8 243
75% Justin Schultz 3 8 -9 10 29 4 261
67% Nail Yakupov 4 5 -17 14