Send in the Cavalry (2013)

Anthony Lancione




Lancione offers up some injury-replacement suggestions for Western Conference teams



Injuries are an inevitability in sports. No way around it. Players, teams and leagues will increasingly take measures to mitigate the risk as we evolve. Although the reality is that in intense contact sports, real life GMs and fantasy GMs alike are faced with the unenviable task of both having to cope with said injuries and attempt to bring in the most adequate temporary replacements as possible during the recovery period


Every so often, we may be fortunate that a replacement is wise and skilled enough to take the opportunity and run with it; converting that temp job into an elongated or (every so often) permanent stay. Worst case, we're gunning for someone to step in and hold the fort until the proven player returns. When all else fails a picking up the slack by committee approach need be resorted to.


Let’s take a look at each of the Western Conference teams' current injury wards, and my recommended courses of action from the personnel department waiting in the wings.



The Ducks have been hit harder than anyone in the West with the injury bug of late. Although it surprisingly hasn't really taken away much of the winds from their sails, having maintained the lead in the Pacific. Injuries to Sheldon Souray, Jakob Silfverberg, Francois Beauchem