3 Ways to Deal With Unmet Expectations

Nathan Weselake




The Puck Pastor gives you three ways to deal with unmet fantasy hockey expectations.




I preached a couple Sundays ago about how the things that frustrate us year round can often frustrate us more at Christmas. Our expectations about the kind of life we should have increase at Christmas and so the gap between what we want and what we have is magnified. Everything is supposed to be a certain way. Family is supposed to be happy. Finances are supposed to be plentiful. Little Drummer Boys are supposed to earn extra income as midwives. We talked about this dynamic and tried to find some hope for the disappointed.  


The same equation of unmet expectation equals disappointment is true in fantasy hockey as well and by this time of year we are all experiencing some disappointment, as players on our teams are not coming through in the way we thought. Let’s take a look at a few places on your roster where your expectations may not have been met and see if we can’t deal with your disappointment. 




I’ve had terrible luck with goalies this year. Originally I had drafted the tandem of Rinne and Nabokov. I assumed Nabby would benefit from the almost universally agreed on upward trajectory of the Islanders this year. I also assumed Rinne would be his normal self, I was optimistic to have two decent starters in my deep league.


My optimism died quickly. Turns out the Islander’s stink and Nabby couldn’t stop a beach ball, even before his groin injury. Then I was out bid by a guy named Ed (outbiddED?