Tournament – Best Multi-Category Player Round 3

Rick Roos




Get your vote in for the top multi-category fantasy player. Round 3 is here!



Welcome back to my first Cage Match tournament, where we're now down to just eight in our quest to crown the NHL's best multi-cat player (i.e., Hits, Blocked Shots, PIMs, and Shots). Once again I'll list the latest results and give my postmortem analysis below, plus set up the four week three battles.

As with the past weeks, actual voting will take place within the Black Aces area of the Forums, and once again for each match I've included a link to vote – just click on "VOTE HERE" to be taken to the voting area for that particular match. Round three voting closes at 11:59PM on Sunday December 22nd to give me time to tally the results before next week's column.

After the brackets I've included yet another bonus "real life" Cage Match, where instead of comparing two hockey players I'll tackle a different side-by-side debate. This week it's driving versus flying in a battle to decide which is worse when enduring travel delays/problems.


Bracket #1 – The Young Guns (all 25 years old or younger)

#1 Evander Kane (32 Votes) DEFEATED #5 Milan Lucic (26 Votes)

#3 P.K. Subban (39 Votes) DEFEATED #2 Radko Gudas (12 Votes)


It was likely going in that Subban would take out Gudas, given their respective performances in round one. But I still think this should've been closer, since as Subban's scoring prowess has emerged his multi-cat skills have eroded. In fact, this year he's at about 1 PIM, 2.75 Shots, 1.33 Hits, and 1.5 Blocked Shots per game. Compare that to Gudas' otherworldly numbers (3PIMs, 1.5 Shots, 4 Hits, 2 Blocked Shots) and this should've been