Forensics: Tobias Enstrom

Tom Collins




Tobias Enstrom has been one of the most enigmatic fantasy players this season.


Winston Churchill once said "It is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma."


While he was talking about Russia, he could have just as easily been talking about Tobias Enstrom.


The Winnipeg Jets defencemen is one of the most confusing players to figure out. Enstrom gets plenty of ice time and plays with the Jets top players. But he seems to get mired in cold streaks that fit right in with the frigid temperatures of Winnipeg.



So far this season, Enstrom has only two goals and 10 points. He's on pace for 23 points. That's a far drop from the back-to-back 50-point season Enstrom put up a few years ago. Teammate Grant Clitsome now has more points this season than Enstrom.


What's the reason for his decline? Can we ever figure out the Enstrom riddle?


Let's start by looking at his most frequent defence partners this season, according to Frozen Pool.




Line Combination