Fantasy Hockey Geek Olympic Selections – Team Sweden

Terry Campkin



Campkin takes a stab at how Team Sweden could look at the Olympics if based on fantasy performance…


With Olympic team selection just weeks away, speculation is running rampant on who will make which team and what their roles will be for their respective countries. As a hockey fan, the Olympic years are always a little bit more interesting and the tournament itself provides plenty of entertainment, but as somebody who is heavily invested in fantasy hockey, I thought it would be fun to take a look at how some of the contending countries would shape up if the Olympic teams were selected based solely on players' values in fantasy hockey. So today, I give you the first installment on the Fantasy Hockey Geek Olympic selections and I will start with Team Sweden.

Disclaimer: The full criteria for my team selections is outlined in each line section, but I just wanted to be perfectly clear that the selections in this series will be based on players value in FANTASY hockey over the past two seasons in the NHL only. FHG doesn't measure intangibles such as leadership or chemistry, it simply applies the math to players' actual output and calculates their value in fantasy hockey. I am also aware that there are great players out there who aren't in the NHL, but I will not be including them as their output isn't currently being used in most fantasy hockey leagues. Since this is a fantasy hockey exercise, I will be going by positions according to Yahoo! so if someone like Jonathan Toews is going to make my team he is going to have to do it as a C.


So let's get to it:


Team Sweden Overview

Picking Team Fantasy Sweden was actually fairly easy and there aren't many controversial picks because the top 18 guys are pretty obvious, so it was more just a question of what line to slot them on. When we get into some of the other countries (Canada), the selections will be much tougher and you will probably be shocked by some of the picks.

In Fantasy Olympics, Sweden is a strong team but probably not as strong as the real world team is. The strength of Sweden definitely lies in their defense, where they roster some of the more elite fantasy options available. In comparison to other countries however, Sweden's forward lines lack depth and they have too many guys that do the same type of thing: pass and contribute on the power-play. Let's take a further look inside Fantasy Team Sweden:


Line 1 & 2:

To determine who would be on my first line for Team Sweden, I created a league in FHG that valued only offensive output. I chose (G, A, PPP and SOG). I want my top two lines to be the best scorers and I want to have a lethal power-play so