A Fantasy Hockey Christmas

Nathan Weselake




Puck Pastor brings Christmas gifts in the form of waiver wire suggestions


Merry Christmas Dobber Nation! Hopefully you get some time to slow down and enjoy more of whatever it is you enjoy. Unless what you enjoy is somehow harmful to others. Then you should probably refrain and find some hobbies that contribute to the common good or at least are not flat out harmful. As for me, I intend to spend every spare moment I have on my cross-country skis training for the fabled American Berkie, watching World Junior Hockey, and reading the Dobber Midseason Guide. I’m also intending for a big surge in 2014 for my fantasy teams, here are a few skaters I think will take me there. 


Mark Scheifle (9% Yahoo, .5M Dobbernomics)


As a Winnipeg Jets fan, I watch almost every game. Even when it hurts to watch, which is much of the time. But my careful attention has allowed me to see the recent development of Mark Scheifle in the last three weeks. I had him on my bench for most of the season and probably should have dropped him. But in the last week since putting him back in he’s rewarded me with some solid performances and seems to be developing some chemistry with Frolik and Kane forming a 1B line. If he keeps going like he has the last while, it’s not crazy to think he could be close to a point a game guy.


Ray Whitney (5%Yahoo, 2.44M Dobbernomics)


Just when it looks like poor old Ray is about done he starts doing what he has