Looking Ahead: Week 14

Bob Fisher



Five players to pick up for Week 14…

Here are some teams to target and avoid for the next week or two, several players to target that may be available in your league as well as teams that play a light schedule.


San Jose Sharks = Target


Games: 7 (2H/5A)

Favorable Matchups:

    – @ Phoenix

        > 6th worst defensive team

        > 6th worst PK

        > 5th most shots allowed per game

    – vs. Edmonton

        > Worst defensive team

        > 9th most shots allowed per game

        > 30 goals allowed in last eight games (3.75 GAA)

    – @ Nashville

        > 9th worst defensive team

        > 14 goals allowed in the past three games (4.67 GAA)

        > The starting Nashville goaltender has been pulled in the last three games


The Sharks are fourth in the league in goals scored per game right now.  With their upcoming schedule, there is no reason why they can't remain at or improve upon that number.  The slate of games starts with a visit to Phoenix where the normally defensive-minded Coyotes have revamped their game and prefer 4-3 contests over 2-1 ones.  Next up is a home-and-home with the Ducks, which should be a couple of great games to watch.  Sprinkle in a visit from the Oilers, who are always good for allowing a decent number of goals, and then stops in Colorado, Chicago and Nashville and you should see the big guns of San Jose continue to post their stellar numbers.