Shaken Not Stirred Part 1 (2013)

Anthony Lancione




Lancione compares the fantasy hockey performances of 10 players in the West with James Bond flicks




Lets dive into a two-part modern rendition of the James Bond-inspired column penned by Wild West alumni Ryan Ma. I wish I was able to bring to you the good news of a new Bond flick coming soon to theatres near you. However, I couldn't wait another two years (November 2015 scheduled release of the next 007 edition) to revive this piece.


007 – In chronological order:


Dr. No


The Finnish Jet may be parading around on his farewell tour this season, but 43 years of age or not, it goes without saying that 2013-14 has been a disappointment for Teemu Selanne. With only 11 points in 31 games and a sole power-play point to his name, it goes without saying it’s been quite the struggle, as he's on course for career lows across the board (except plus/minus rating). With the condensed schedule possibly wearing on him, the elongated holiday break negotiated for in the new CBA was surely appreciated. Also expect the upcoming Sochi Games to reinvigorate him down the stretch, as well as the prospects of one last legitimate run for the Cup with a strong Ducks squad. Here's to hoping Teemu becomes Dr.Yes in 2014.