Looking Ahead: Week 15

Bob Fisher



Looking ahead at five players to target in Week 15…


* This article was written prior to the NHL games on Thursday, January 2nd, 2014


Here are some teams to target and avoid for the next week or two, several players to target that may be available in your league as well as teams that play a light schedule in the upcoming week.


Nashville Predators = Target


Games: 7 (5H/2A)

Favorable Matchups:

    – @ Florida

        > 5th worst defensive team

        > 2nd worst PK

        > 17 goals allowed in last five games (3.40 GAA)

    – @ Carolina

        > 10th worst defensive team

        > 9th worst PK

        > 9th most shots allowed per game

        > 24 goals allowed in last six games (4.00 GAA)

    – vs. Ottawa

        > 4th worst defensive team

        > 8th worst PK

        > 4th most shots allowed per game


The Predators have been burying the puck in the past two games, netting nine combined goals against Los Angeles and Detroit.  Mike Fisher and Craig Smith have been leading the way for the Preds with Patric Hornqvist, Colin Wilson, Shea Weber and Seth Jones chipping in as well.  They finish u