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The Contrarian selects his all value team, and his all duds team at roughly the NHL season’s midpoint.

Happy New Year! It is about the halfway point of the NHL season and already we have some articles written about the stars and goats of the first half. This week I take a look at Joel Colomby's January 4, 2014 article in the Toronto Sun, "Fantasy Fare: Halftime NHL studs and duds".


Following what he did we first look at the All-Value team players that he wrote about and the ones that he missed.


Victor Hedman: We agree that he is a pleasant producer but we disagree that it was unexpected. In the Hockey News Ultimate Fantasy Pool Guide for 2013-14, Hedman is listed 130th overall in points. His current production rates him 150th but his pace puts him at 133rd at the end of the season.


I would rather have seen Duncan Keith, Oliver Ekman-Larsson, Dustin Byfuglien, Kevin Shattenkirk or Niklas Kronwall as part of the team.


Duncan Keith: In the same guide, was projected for 173rd place overall with 42 points. He currently has 42 points and is ranked 13th overall, with a pace to be 20th by the end of the season.


Oliver Ekman-Larsson: Projected with 38 points and to be 217th overall, now has 22 points so far and is 141st overall. His current pace would place him 138th in the league.

Dustin Byfuglien: Was rated to be 103rd overall with 53 points. He has earned 31 of those points so far and is sitting 55th overall. His projected pace at the end of the season would, however, rank him 67th in the league.


Kevin Shattenkirk: Projected to be picked 191st for 40 points. Currently has 29 and is ranked 71st. Is on pace to be 59th overall in the league.


Niklas Kronwall: Doing a good job considering his task is impossible: replacing Niklas Lidstrom. Kronwall has 28 points in 40 games which places him 78th overall. He was projected for 48 points and to be 140th overall. The way he is playing would put him 77th overall when the season finishes.


Considering their projected places in The Hockey News guide, these were good value pickups. And I feel that more would have been gained. Better than a Hedman selection.

Onto the forwards.


With one exception, I do not disagree with his selections for the all value team and the also rans. The exception is James van Riemsdyk.


Alexander S