The Power of Numbers

Ryan Ma




Ryan Ma digs deep into the numbers, prepping you for the second half. A must read.



Back from a bit of a hiatus from Fantasy Hockey and "real-life" catching up with me. Those who have followed my columns throughout the years, pretty much know what I'm all about, Numbers and Data! In this day and age, data is everywhere. I would probably even argue that all it's essentially in every aspect of our lives. Heck, being a school teacher as my "day job", I'm constantly bombarded with data driven criterion to hit. In order to become an "effective" educator you need to do this with data, to better your teaching look at your student's data, you need to use data to "know" your students… So if data is everywhere, and Fantasy Hockey is largely driven by it (number of goals scored, how many shots did player A take, what's the GAA of the goalie), then why do some poolies continue to ignore the importance of data? I still observe plenty of poolies on the forums who go by their "gut feel" or other random non-data related justifications ("skating mechanics", "prior draft lineage", "trust me I watch a lot of their games" or "they're my favourite player"), the interesting thing with that is 300 years ago we would have called that witchcraft, in this day and age we anoint it as "justifiable opinion".  Now don't get me wrong, I value differentiated opinions just as much the next guy, but what I want to see is tangible substance-based evidence to justify a point rather than someone who is out there just to make noise. I'm hopefully here to do the former rather than the later. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!   

A couple of weeks ago I created a thread on the forums about first-quarter numbers. I proposed how numbers in Fantasy Hockey generally fit a certain model and how you can take advantage of those numbers in order to help you win. This is the second instalment of the series and we'll take a look back at my first quarter predictions and next week we'll give you an insight into my predictions for the second half of this campaign, but first here's a quick recap.

Bullet points from the thread (if you don't have the time to sift through it.)