Geek of the Week – Fantasy Team Canada

Terry Campkin


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The Geek of the Week selects his Fantasy Canadian men’s Olympic ice hockey team.

So far in my ongoing series on Fantasy Olympic selections, I have dug deep on Team Sweden and Team USA, both of whom put up very impressive fantasy squads with a slight advantage to the US in the format I chose. Today I am going to tackle the best that is Team Canada, 5 days after Steve Yzerman did the same.


Team Canada Overview


Team Canada has an embarrassment of riches, especially when it comes to depth. You often hear people say that Canada could roster a second team that would medal in the Olympics and I think that there is a case for that. The depth of talent in Canada made for some very hard, controversial selections and I really don't envy Steve Yzerman for having to make them. For myself and Fantasy Team Canada, it was actually a little bit easier than I expected because the numbers are the numbers, so it requires less subjectivity on my part: I just select who the numbers tell me to select. I had some challenges that Stevie Y didn't though, for example: in fantasy hockey, you can't just move Stamkos to RW – he needs to have eligibility and right now he doesn't so he's either one of my four Cs or he isn't on my team. I had to pick only four centres from (Crosby, Stamkos, Tavares, Toews, Getzlaf, Bergeron etc), so I am definitely leaving some top end guys out.


Team Canada's strength is definitely down the middle where any of their top 4 options could arguably be the #1 C on Team USA. On D and wing, Canada is also strong and similar to Team USA in that they have certain guys who slot nicely into certain roles the way I have them designed, providing elite value in their particular line assignments. Let's take a deeper look at how Fantasy Hockey Geek (FHG) lays out the optimal Fantasy Team Canada:

Line 1 & 2


My first and second lines (as they were with the other teams) will be made up of h