January 13, 2014

steve laidlaw


Laidlaw checking in for Dobber this fine Monday morning. Sorry to keep you from the big man but he's been hard at work on the Midseason Guide and could use one less thing on his plate. I know, I know. I look forward to his ramblings as well. There's a reason the site has his namesake. He's the best.


Speaking of the Midseason Guide, please pick up a copy. I am so proud of the work that went into this year's edition. If you just want projections for the second half, we have you covered. If you just want some more reading material, it's good for that too. If you really want something that's going to make you a smarter fantasy manager, well I think that's what I am proud of most of all. I take pride in doing solid research, presenting ideas and allowing the reader to come to his/her own conclusions.




Some more housekeeping to make you aware of – DobberHockey is doubling down on podcasts with our new feature Dobber Nation Deep, hosted by Brad Wilson.


I am very excited about this expansion. After I appeared on November's Dobber Nation I asked you guys if you wanted more podcasts and you responded in the affirmative. I can't take credit for this new project, I am just genuinely happy that it is happening. If I had my way, we'd have daily podcasts but this is a good step.




Okay, it was a pretty busy Sunday in the NHL, great for making an epic Sunday comeback in your head-to-head leagues. I came into the day down against the #2 team in the league (I am, or was, #1) and couldn't mount the comeback. Oh well. Can't win 'em all, I suppose.


The silver lining is I took the loss despite Eric Staal wasting a roster spot all week. Word is he practiced yesterday and could be back tonight against the Flames. Seeing as I've got Staal on virtually all of my fantasy teams as well as the fact that I've been spouting off about how great Staal is to own in the second half, I need this guy to come back and be productive. My teams and my reputation depend on it!


On the other hand, my opponent was without Ben Bishop and was left with just a struggling Tuukka Rask in goal. Rask's shutout of the Sharks on Saturday night should be enough to instill confidence in his owners. This guy is the best right now – don't you forget it.




What I really could have used in my bid for a comeback was some production from Alex Ovechkin. Instead, bupkis. That puts an end to his four-game streak. I don't expect him to remain quiet for long.


One guy who might remain quiet for longer is Mike Green. He had a three-game streak snapped last night but it's important you note that John Carlson has