Top 10 Hitters

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The Top 10 Hitters in fantasy hockey.


One of the things that captivates me the most about hockey was the spectacular hits that players dish out on a regular basis. I grew up playing rugby and there was nothing better than lining up my target as he streaked down the wing. The feeling of my shoulder hitting his hip and hearing the unmistakable sound of agony from my opponent is one I will cherish forever. The outcome was usually a fumble which resulted in a turnover for my team.


A hockey hit is no different, the aim is to separate the player from the puck. Whether it is a well-timed hip check or a glass shattering body check, the outcome is still the same.


The focus of this week's Fantasy Top 10 is hits. If your league has this statistic as a category then take note because here are the 10 Best Hitters in the NHL.


#10 – Martin Hanzal, PHO


Hanzal is currently tied with Zac Rinaldo with a total of 135 hits, he made the list because his peripherals are far superior to Rinaldo's. Over the past 4 seasons Hanzal has averaged 2.7 hits per game, with his career best being 239 hits in an injury plagued 2011/12 where he only played 64 games. He is currently on pace to achieve 270 hits and if you combine that with his increased point production (32 points in 41 games), his 114 shots on goal and his 49 penalty minutes then you have the makings of a very worthy rotisserie contributor. Expect him to deliver another 135 hits as the season progresses and he will be a very shrewd add if you can acquire him via the wire or trade.


#9 – Steve Ott, BUF



The 31-year-old left wing appears to be slowing down as he has only recorded 135 hits to date. His best season was 2011/12 in which he recorded 278 hits. In last season's shortened campaign he was on pace to beat his career best by recording 187 hits in 48 games (pro-rated to 319 hits). Ott is not going to help with goals or assists and even his penalty minutes are lower than what he has produced in the past but if you are looking for help in this category then he may be worth a look. Provided of course you can stomach the dismal minus-17 rating he currently has. The last time his plus minus was this bad was 2009/10 when he went minus-14 in 73 games. He is on pace for 260 hits but expect that number to be closer to the 220 mark.


#8 – Milan Lucic, BOS


The Vancouver native is hitting more this season than any other, he currently has 141 hits in 44 games. His career best is 201 in 81 games which he recorded in 2011/12. If he keeps up his 3.2 hits per game pace then he should finish with roughly 262, provided he plays in all of the remaining 38 games. Lucic can also be counted on to provide highlight reel hits and one of my favourites dates back to 2008 when he smashed Mike Van Ryn through the glass. Lucic is no slouch in the other categories as well with 30 points and a plus-13 rating. Good luck trying to get him from a fellow manager.