Tyler Seguin vs. Claude Giroux

Rick Roos




Who is the better own in fantasy hockey – Tyler Seguin or Claude Giroux?


With the dust having settled after Olympic rosters were announced, what better time to do a Cage Match between two elite fantasy performers who happened to not have been named to Team Canada – Claude Giroux and Tyler Seguin. As great as both of them are, one of them has to be better for your fantasy squad; and leave it up to Cage Match to tell you who that is.


Career Path and Contract Status/Cap Hit

Giroux is four years older than Seguin and  had played 130 more regular season games, amassing 291 points versus 121 from Seguin. But if we compare Giroux's first three seasons (206 games) to Seguin's (203 games), their point totals are not too far apart, with Giroux having compiled 150 points to Seguin's 121.

As far as contract status and salary, Seguin is in year one of a six-year, $34.5M deal that comes with a yearly cap hit of $5.75M, while next season Giroux commences an eight year, $66.2M contract with an $8.275M yearly cap hit. A salary difference this wide brings with it a direct consequence of Seguin being more of a bargain in salary cap keeper leagues, but also could have an indirect effect on Giroux's stats due to the Flyers having $2.5M less to spend on other talented players with which to surround Giroux. And although $2.5M comprises a small fraction of the $71M salary cap for 2014-15, every little bit helps (or hurts).


Ice Time – Past Seasons and 2013-14 (through Sunday January 12th)

I'm guessing there won't be much, if any, surprises in Giroux's numbers, as he's been Philly's franchise forward for several years. The key will be to compare Seguin's current season (where until his recent dry spell he was above point per game numbers) with his Ice Time for the Bruins, who are notorious for having low Ice Times for their forwards and where he topped out at 67 points in 2011-12.