January 15, 2014

Dobber Sports


First – thank you everyone for supporting the site and picking up my Midseason Guide! The seventh edition was released Sunday and I really like the added features in this one, and I feel good about this year’s crop of NCAA free agents piece – I think myself and Austin Wallace nailed a lot of the key ones. The lockout – still feeling it, as sales are down. But if you notice someone in your league suddenly making a bunch of waiver moves and firing out a bunch of trade offers – you know that he or she bought this Guide and will beat you unless you do the same. See what I did there? I played on your competitive instincts in hopes of eking out more sales.

I know it seems suspicious because nothing in life is free, but there really is no hidden string attached to this Draft Street deal I have in the shop – if you deposit $10 into Draft Street, you play a couple of $5 games, maybe turn your $10 into $50… and Draft Street gives you a coupon code for $10 off my Midseason Guide. That’s the string and it’s not hidden – you either lose the $10 you were spending anyway, or you get a free Guide and extra cash, withdraw it and walk away clean. New sign-ups only. I couldn’t talk them out of that part. I tried. Hard.


So the Leafs won. On the road. In regulation. Against a top team in the East. So I go on Twitter to look for the Leafs bloggers and media to tell me how 92% of their 4-3 wins are followed by losses, or how they’re 1-30-4 in games after they are outshot 41-26. I didn’t see anything negative. Sorry, the naysayers may be right (and they are) but it just gets to be too much. Overkill. So this is just a little rant on that. /rant.

No.1 center Tyler Bozak tallied three points. It gives him 11 points in eight games since returning from injury. Just one game without a point in that span. If he wasn’t so fragile, I think he can be a 70-point guy, call me crazy. But he’s here long-term and so is Kessel – and they’ll be playing together throughout. You saw Crosby turn Kunitz into a 90-point guy. Well, Kessel will turn Bozak into a 70-point guy (if healthy).

Nazem Kadri had 13 points in his first 14 games, but just 13 in the next 30. James van Riemsdyk has five points in three games – and 19 shots on goal in those games.

Interesting to see Ryan Spooner on the first PP unit with Krejci, Iginla and Lucic. He was still held without a point and has just one in five games. Here were Boston’s line combos: