Adventures of Brutal Nash

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This week the Eastern Edge looks at what to expect from New York Rangers forward Rick Nash the rest of the way.


While the title may be a little harsh, super sniper Rick Nash is having trouble translating prior success from a less-celebrated outpost into numbers on the big stage on Broadway this season. The first overall selection in the 2002 NHL Entry Draft spent the first nine seasons of his NHL career with a less than memorable cast on the Columbus Blue Jackets.

When I look at where Nash sits in relation to the leaders in goals this year on Yahoo Sports!, I can just see him sitting at the very bottom of my computer screen, but only because my screen is a decently large 25 inches. Steven Stamkos has the same number of goals, 14, in half as many of Nash’s 34 games. You know you’re not having a great season when not one, but TWO Danish players can boast they have as many or more goals than you do!

Not counting his rookie campaign or last year’s lockout shortened season, Nash has averaged 34 goals and 63.5 points over each of those eight seasons. This is a guy who has hit the 40 goal plate