Top 100 Roto – January 2014

Austin Wallace



 Welcome to the third edition of the new Top 100 Roto! Like everything else on DobberHockey, it will hopefully assist you in evaluating the players in your league. Download January 2014 Rankings (PDF).

Welcome to the Top 100 Roto, a ranking of the Top 100 per-game rotisserie contributors in one-year
leagues. It clearly shows not only how valuable players are, but where that value comes from. It also
states if he will hurt you in a given category, or if his production is balanced. Even if your league does
not fit into that specific category, this list has been designed to provide help to any owner in a rotisserie
league. The value of the players in each category is independently calculated. This is a per-game
ranking, which means that it is up to you to account for Band-Aid Boys like Joffrey Lupul (seventh) or
James Neal (first) if you think it is more likely for them to get injured.


This list was assembled from a weighted average of the last three years, and players were ranked by
how well they did in each (equally weighted) category compared to the other top fantasy players. It best
applies to leagues with 250 fantasy relevant players, no positional requirements and equally weighted
categories. I resisted the temptation to "correct" some of the more jarring things on the list, so it is
completely statistics based. To create a score specific to your league, just average the category scores
you are interested in.

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