Bobby Ryan vs. Jordan Eberle

Rick Roos




Who would you rather own in fantasy hockey – Bobby Ryan or Jordan Eberle? Full analysis here!

Facing off this week are Bobby Ryan and Jordan Eberle, who are both having good seasons (top 40 in points) but are behind the scoring pace of their career best campaigns. Which one will help your team more this season and beyond? Let's find out!


Career Path and Contract Status/Cap Hit

Ryan is three years older than Eberle, and going into this season had nearly double the NHL experience (378 games vs. 195 for Eberle). Ryan scored 30+ goals in each of his first four full NHL seasons, which sounds impressive in and of itself, but is even more so considering that the only other current NHLer who achieved the feat is Alex Ovechkin. Not Sidney Crosby, not Evgeni Malkin, and not even Steven Stamkos – just Ryan and Ovi. But after he followed up a 71 point 2010-11 season with just 87 points in his next 128 games for the Ducks he found himself dealt to the Senators this offseason.

Eberle was a first-round pick, but 22nd overall (Ryan went second, right after Crosby). He had a nice rookie campaign (43 points in 69 games) before exploding for 76 points in 78 contests in 2011-12. But then his production slipped last season to 37 points in 48 games. Going into 2013-14 Eberle's scoring average was 0.8 points per game, just ahead of Ryan's 0.76 career average but actually behind Ryan's pace (0.845 points per game) from his first three NHL campaigns.

Eberle is on year one of a six-season deal with a $6M cap hit, while next season will be Ryan's last on a five-year deal with an annual $5.1M cap hit.


Ice Time – Past Seasons and 2013-14 (through January 28th)

We could stand to gain some useful information here, especially in comparing Eberle's Ice Time in his nearly point per game 2011-12 season to what he received