Top 10 Penalty Minute producers

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A look at the Top 10 Penalty Minute producers you want on your fantasy team


I have participated in many fantasy hockey leagues over the years but it was in 2007 that I started to become really involved. That was the year the keeper league I am in started and it was also the year I joined a one-year points only league that had penalty minutes as a category. Each minute was worth one point whereas goals and assists were two each. The third best player on my team that year was Alex Burrows, right behind Alexei Kovalev and Evgeni Malkin. That year Burrows racked up 179 penalty minutes and I finished in third. Not bad considering I picked him in the 13th round.

The penalty minute category is slowly going by the wayside. The Dobber Pro and Expert leagues have already replaced it with Hits. Some leagues are switching to blocked shots instead of penalties. If your lea