Matt Carle vs. Fedor Tyutin

Rick Roos




Who would you rather have on your fantasy hockey team – Matt Carle or Fedor Tyutin?


Sometimes what wins leagues isn't just how many home runs you hit in assembling your team; it's also how many times you manage a single (or even a double) instead of a strikeout. In other words, the last few guys in your line-up or roster can make a difference in close season-long battles or H2H weekly matches. With that in mind, let's look this week at Matt Carle and Fedor Tyutin to see which one might help you more for the rest of this season, and beyond.


Career Path and Contract Status/Cap Hit

Tyutin, age 30, and Carle, 29, are both former second round draft picks. And at this point in their careers it's safe to label both as steady, minute-eating defensemen who should give an NHL team (and fantasy squad) fairly consistent but unspectacular production.

Although Tyutin has played in roughly 80 more NHL games, Carle has more career points and has hit the 40 point mark twice in his career (although not since 2010-11). And while Tyutin's career full season high in points is only 34, if you combine his 22 points in 48 games from last season with his 24 points in his first 51 games so far this season you get a 38 point full season scoring pace, which is just ahead of Carle's production during the same stretch (47 points in 107 games = 36 point pace).

Tyutin has been with Columbus since 2008-09 (previously on the Rangers), while Carle is on his third NHL team and second stint with Tampa Bay. Both are signed through 2017-18, with Tyutin's deal bringing with it a $4.5M cap hit compared to Carle's $5.5M. Tyutin's contract makes him the second highest paid Blue Jacket defenseman (behind James Wisniewski's $5.5M, just ahead of Jack Johnson's $4.35M), while Carle is the highest paid Tampa defenseman by $1.5M (over Victor Hedman).


Ice Time – Past Seasons and 2013-14 (through February 3rd)