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The Contrarian reflects on some November Alex Steen articles, including Puck Daddy, Bleacher Report and others…

He was born in Winnipeg Manitoba on March 1, 1984 so he will be turning 30 years old in a few weeks. Any idea of who I'll be writing about? Here's another hint, his father played for the Winnipeg Jets.

By now you might have figured it out but if not the player is Alexander Steen and yes he is born Canadian. He will represent Sweden at the Sochi Olympics because he has dual citizenship and decided early on to represent Sweden when he was a junior.

There has been talk about Steen's surprising start and if he would continue or regress. He did suffer a concussion but has since returned and playing well again. With 46 points in 45 games played (58 team games) it is only five points shy of his career best.

Most of the early talk was about how Steen could not continue his pace. Puck Daddy, Greg Wyshysnki, said that the biggest reason why Steen is having a good season (or at least a good start) was that it was a contract year. A very simplistic answer to the question of why he is doing well. If it were that simple then every prognosticator would have predicted Steen's bump in production prior to the seasons start.

(Dobber's prediction for Steen at the start of the season was for 46 points. In the mid-season guide it was upgraded to 66. He was not the only one to predict Steen at or about his career average of 46 points)

The Sport Forecaster Fantasy Inbox answered a readers question about trading Steen in early November, "This would be an ideal time to trade Steen while his value is probably at its highest" and "Perhaps this is an opportunity to get a more prolific, name scorer who is off to a slower start (but who has a much better reputation for fantasy production) than Steen." Not a ringing endorsement to keep Steen.

Rob Vollman of the Bleacher Report, writes in an article dated November 16, 2013 that Steen would get 60 to 67 points. He also states, "But absent clear explanations as to why a player is suddenly scoring on three times as many of his shots as he normally does, it doesn't tend to last." From what is written in his column it looks to me that he would be happy to take whatev