Loui Eriksson vs. P-A Parenteau

Rick Roos




Which disappointing player has more fantasy hockey value – Loui Eriksson or P-A Parenteau?


This week we focus on two players (Loui Eriksson and P-A Parenteau) having disappointing seasons. Does either have a chance of salvaging his current campaign, and what do their futures look like?


Career Path and Contract Status/Cap Hit

Before his breakout 53 point 2010-11 season with the Islanders, Parenteau had played a staggering 450 AHL games (with affiliates from the Ducks, Blackhawks, and Rangers) and just 27 NHL games. So even after climbing to 67 in 2011-12, there were plenty of skeptics who thought he'd be a risky UFA signing, since he'd no longer be lined up with John Tavares and because he might lose the "fire in his belly" after getting big bucks. But he responded with 43 points in 48 games in 2012-13, silencing many of his detractors in the process.

Eriksson also didn't taste success right away, bouncing between the AHL and NHL for two seasons until tallying 63 points in 2008-09. Then he exploded for three consecutive 71+ point seasons, becoming one of less than a handful of players to finish in the top 23 in scoring for each of those three seasons. But after a drop to 29 points in 48 games last season (below a 50 point full season pace), Eriksson was moved to Boston as a key piece of the Tyler Seguin trade.

Both players are signed through 2015-16 with similar yearly cap hits (Eriksson's is $4.25M, Parenteau's $4M) that place them well outside the top 50 salaries of NHL forwards, including below several forward teammates (Colorado = Matt Duchene $6M, Gabriel Landeskog $5.57M; Boston = Patrice Bergeron $6.5M, Milan Lucic $6M,