February 21, 2014

Dobber Sports


Here it is folks! For the first time in two years, Dobber Sports is having an event in Toronto. It’s going down…TODAY! Tonight at 6pm, actually. At the Sports Centre Café (Yonge/St.Clair). Details here. But come sit down with me, let’s talk some fantasy hockey. Also meet Steve Laidlaw, Michael Amato, Gates Imbeau, possibly Thom Drance, as well as at least a half dozen other writers from these here parts. It’s right on the subway line, come on down (or up) and have a pop with me.


I’ve felt that the NHL should not – and likely will not – participate in the next Olympics. I felt that the league does not want:

a) To stop the season for two weeks

b) “Showcase” their talent at 6am or whatever ungodly hour the games would be on over here

I won’t get into it too far here, because I already talked it up in the forum. They can have a World Cup in September – with all games on prime time (and that more than makes up for the hype that the Olympics brings) and they won’t have to shut down for two weeks. But with the John Tavares injury (Islanders best player) and the Mats Zuccarello injury (one of the Rangers best players), further case is being made. If this injury happened in mid-September, said player gets two extra weeks to heal before having to return to NHL game action. And if he misses time, it’s early in the campaign.

Garth Snow really went off yesterday on how ridiculous the Olympics arrangement is and how the IOC gets all the money and all the glory, but do not compensate for teams losing best players. He has a point.

I love this tournament, but I wish the NHL didn’t do it. I wish the same tourney were held in September –  The World Cup – and that it was on prime time. It’s incredibly annoying watching games at noon and trying to get work done and picking up my girls from school/daycare either a couple of minutes late…or I miss overtime. And although the latter reason won’t be a reason in 2018, the former reason will still apply. I don’t like stopping NHL hockey for two weeks. I don’t like stopping fantasy hockey for two weeks. And I don’t like only half-watching games because I’m trying to get work done. /rant


And I promise – above rant was my feeling early this month, last month, last year, always. It has nothing to do with my owning Tavares and Zuccarello in my fantasy league. Honest. Honest?


John Tavares was all over the forum yesterday – at least 10 threads on trade offers using him or for him, as well as injury chatter and the Garth Snow thing.