Forensics – Mikael Granlund

Anthony Lancione




A deep analysis of Minnesota Wild youngster Mikael Granlund



With the March 5 trade deadline fast approaching, Fantasy GMs aplenty will have their work cut out for them, post-Sochi. So be sure to get ahead of the game. Identify which categories you need most help in now (whether it be a roto league or head-to-head format) and get a jump on the competition.


Don't forget that while the Olympics are a wonderful tool for players to boost their value, others will also have theirs inflated – Especially when the games are held on the big ice surface. As I'm sure you've noticed, some mediocre players by North American standards have a skill set more suitable for the European format. See Olli Jokinen. This gem of a veteran has had modest fantasy value in the NHL since his Florida Panthers days, yet he continues to stifle opposition in European based competition. Rest assured that upon his return to Winnipeg, this bubble will burst. 


That being said, the same cannot be said about his much younger countryman, Mikael Granlund of the Minnesota Wild. In fact, it's quite the opposite. Sochi has been a platform to showcase this already blossoming talent in the NHL level. Mikael has long been a blue-chip prospect and shortly before departing for Russia, we had really begun to see him dazzle us with some impressive production over a nice sample size, including a spurt of eight points over five games.


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