North of 60?

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Eleven players in the West on the cusp of topping 60 points for the first time


Every league has its respective hierarchy that determines value and whether a player is untradeable, an important asset, a depth option, on the bubble, or waiver wire fodder. In one of my main keeper leagues (which is points only), the cutoff point between valuable and depth option happens to be "the 60-point player".  The "60-point player" is an interesting dilemma, as the number suggests offensive reliability or in the case of a younger player – potential star or potential "70-point player".

The magical 60-point mark screams value, keeper, and tradeable asset. To put it in perspective, let's take a look at the past three seasons and the 60-point cutoff versus the 50-point cutoff. Due to last season's lockout we will have to use prorated numbers for 2012-2013.

In 2010-2011, the top 49 players finished the season with 60 points or more. Meanwhile the next 49 players in the scoring race finished with between 50-59 points.  In 2011-12, the top 58 players finished with 60 points or more. The next 42 players in the scoring race finished in between the congested 50-59 point mark. As for last year's shortened season, here is a look at last year's prorated numbers.


2012-2013 (60-point pace prorated over 48 games = 35 points)

Number of players who finished with 35 points or more: 52


2012-2013 (50- to 59-point pace pro-rated over 48 games = 29-34 points)

Number of players who finished between 29-34 points: 47

The 60-point plateau is a fine line. Some players have established themselves offensively and year after year break the 60 point threshold. Other players flirt with the number and come close, perhaps missing the mark due to injury. Others have that career year where they break the 60 point barrier and then we expect it from them year after year. For this edition of the Wild West, let's shift our focus out West and take a look at some players who may break the 60 point mark for the first time in their careers.


Gabriel Landeskog

Entering Saturday's games, Gabriel Landeskog is the only player from the We