Geek of the Week – Martin St. Louis

Terry Campkin


Martin St. Louis NYR


Martin St. Louis is as dynamic a forward as you’ll find. Well, except in multi-cat leagues…

It was a big week of news in the NHL, with many notable names changing teams and many others rumored to be moving, but staying put. Today I am going to take a look at the one who (outside of Vancouver) made the biggest splash: Marin St. Louis.


Did the Tampa Bay Lightning under appreciate this guy? Is Marty still fuming from his omission from his original Team Canada Olympic Team? Maybe his displeasure goes all the way back to the team buying out Lecavalier? Or, maybe St. Louis is just a whiner. It could be any one or combination of those things, but honestly, I don't care. All that matters to me is what this guy can do for my fantasy hockey team and as it turns out, he does a whole lot less than you might think:


MSL currently sits 14th in NHL scoring, with just under a point per game and he spreads his points out nicely as he is tied for 6th in goals with 29. Coming into this season, his average draft position was 14th in Yahoo! leagues which, considering his point total, may lead you to believe that the general public nailed it. Fantasy Hockey Geek shows us though, that they may not have:


(12 team Yahoo! H2H league: G, A, +/-, PPP, Shots, Hits)


Rank Player G A +/- PPP Shots Hits
77 Martin St.Louis 29 32 11 18 11 16
78 Daniel Sedin 13 27 9 15 190 31
79 Andrej Sekera 11 25 4 13 118 39


You can see that despite his great point totals, MSL is only the 77th most valuable player in a league of this format. Fantasy nobody turned stud, Andrej Sekera is providing almost as much value as the reigning Art Ross winner! How can it be that MSL can puts up so many points and dominates so well, but be worth so little? Let's take a look:


Shots: St. Louis' shots have dropped off significantly and it turns out that we should not be surprised by this. Since his 99 point season in 2010-11, St Louis has averaged under 2.5 shots per game for an average pace of just over 200 shots per season. The fact that he has scored 29 goals on only 167 shots this season is borderline miraculous (read: unsustainable) so I would argue that his high goal total is artificially inflated, meaning that his value of 77 is actually slightly high as well.


PPP: MSL's bread and butter has always been his powerplay production and