Forensics: Tyler Johnson

Anthony Lancione



Tyler Johnson making a bid for the Calder Trophy.

Tyler Johnson has succeeded at every level, as many NHLers can probably boast. However, this fellow has fit seamlessly into the pros. Born in Spokane, Washington, Johnson opted to go the CHL route via the Western Hockey League, taking the opportunity to stick with his hometown Spokane Chiefs. 


In his rookie year, he helped guide his team to both the WHL Championship and the Memorial Cup Title. Followed by a few years of seasoning, Johnson made the jump to the American Hockey League, once again, helping pushing his squad to the (Calder Cup) Championship in his rookie campaign. He followed that up by dominating the AHL in his sophomore season. He would go on to lead the league in scoring until his call to the big club with a month left in the season.


You see the trend we're getting at here, don't you? Well if not, please allow me to tie that together. With his first full season in the big show, breaking Steven Stamkos's club record of 21 goals as a rookie. He's already at 23 goals and at 48 points total; on pace for 25 and 52, respectively. Not too shabby for a first year player.


The interesting upswing experienced this season was his ascent to the top line once Stamkos broke his tibia in brutal fashion. Johnson made a valiant effort to fill Stamkos' shoes. With one half of the NHL's most dynamic duo (Stamkos) on the shelf from his November 11th through to his return on March 6th, Tyler chipped in 23 goals and 17 assists! A remarkable feat for a rookie.