Looking Back…at April, 2009 Top Players

Darren Kennedy



Looking back to April of 2009 and the value of fried calamari as an appetizer and Mike Cammalleri in your pool

I'm in a 10-team dynasty league and over the past few seasons we've had a running joke around Mike Cammalleri. At some point every manager will ultimately run into an offensive dry spell and end up scooping Cammalleri from the waiver wire. Inevitably, two weeks will pass, and he is back on the free agent list until another manager is lured into his trap.

This endless cycle of taking a chance on aging, once-upon-a-time useful fantasy assets is not reserved solely for Cammalleri, but he is certainly a prime case study.

This season, or more accurately, over the past 18 games, the Flames' winger has more than delivered on the production that his name suggests. As of writing this he has 22 points over the previous 18 contests, including 13 goals. I like to think of him as Nyquist-lite nowadays.

It would seem that this late season surge is coinciding quite nicely with his contract expiring (amazing coincidence!). He is currently in the final year of a deal that carries a six million dollar cap hit. He'll turn 32 in June, not ancient, but an age where goal scorers would be expected to decline, or at least be less consistent than they were in early years. (Check out the blog Outnumbered for some fantastic work on aging and its fantasy impact).

Even with his age and somewhat inconsistent play with both Montreal and Calgary I have the feeling Cammalleri is going to fool NHL General Managers and poolies alike this offseason. He'll ultimately sign a four or five year contract at a cap hit that shoehorns him onto the top line well into his late thirties. And poolies will shift him from a late round wild card into the prime mid-rounds.

The question is why will this happen?

To answer this I looked back at Dobber's player rankings in April of 2009.  Here we find the former King ranked at number 30. An early round draft pick listed above such players as; Semin, Toews, Perry, Gaborik, and Richards.