Enter Dobber’s 2014 Playoff Challenge!





Compete with Dobber and the crew in the 2014 playoff pool challenge, win bragging rights.



To win:


Choose one player from each of 27 boxes.

1 point for each goal

1 point for each assist

1 point for each win

1 bonus point for a shutout


Too complicated? Then let your four-year-old niece or nephew join!



Brought to you by DobberHockey and the good people of Office Pools!



Top 5 teams win a FREE Fantasy Prospects Report! That’s right, the ever popular FPR is coming out for the eighth time on June 1, and if your team is in the Top 5 you get it for nothing (regular price is $13.99)




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Enter HERE!


Look for my team. It’s the Legion of Dobber. Simply go to your team, and scroll UP – you’ll see me there. Looking down at you. Probably laughing, if computer screens can laugh. Don’t believe me? Prove it!


Need help picking? Grab my Playoff Draft List, and in the process support the site!




The fine print:


Only TWO entries per person. Must use a different email address each of the two entries. If a third entry is discovered, you forfeit. So don’t be dumb – enter your child’s name, or your dog’s name or something. Just don’t make it blatantly obvious. There you go – the best damn fine print you ever had to read





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