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On tanking and the joys and simplicitiy of the playoff pool.

My article is going to have two smaller segments this week. Mostly because everyone is focused on the first round of the playoffs and not too concerned about next year's projections yet. Things should pick up after each round and there will be more talk about the NHL Entry Draft in time too.


Tanks a Lot


Earlier this week the NHL revealed their lottery winner. Congratulations to the Florida Panthers, I hope you do well with the pick. Before the announcement, there was the behind the scenes formalities and process to producing the lucky ping pong ball or some similar ballot.


I am mentioning this because if you are in a keeper pool and do not have a lottery draft process in place you should consider adding one. It would help reduce the urge by keeper league owners that are near the cellar from trying to tank so that they can get first pick overall. The difficulty is in the formalities and process.


I don't know many people that have access to hundreds or thousands of ping pong balls. Even if you were to use pieces of paper or some random electronic method you probably need to get the majority of your owners together to witness the results. That can be difficult at the best of times. With the playoffs getting started many are likely to be at a draft somewhere or could possibly be unavailable for other reasons. If you wait too long people start going away on vacations and then it is like herding cats.

So what you need is something simple, quick and that places the commissioner out of the way, for the sake of not being called later on the possibility of influencing the results to benefit themselves.


I have something that does exactly that.


First, determine which positions in your pool are going to be a part of the lottery draft system, usually all non-winning ranks. Then decide the percentages to be allocated for each lottery draft position (make it out of one hundred and no fractions). The last thing you need to decide is if the winning lottery owner gets first overall pick or if they jump up X number of spots.


Now, once your regular season ends, total up the points earned by each owner and take the last two digits. That is the winning lottery number. Voila, now you know which owner has won your lottery draft.


Everyone knows immediately after the season ends, the commissioner is at an arm's length away and it's easy to execute.


By adding this or some other lottery draft system, you reduce if not eliminate the urge for owners to tank their seasons.


Playoff Love


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