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Fragopoulos reviews his picks from the first round, offers new ones for the second round

Mostly because of a shortage of free time this week I will review my selections of the first round and my predictions for the second.


Starting with my failed picks:


Tampa Bay in 6 – I thought the injury to Ben Bishop was not as serious as it truly was, or that it was even a ruse. After the playoffs had begun, there was an article by Tasha Meares of, "Tampa Bay Lightning Goaltender Bn Bishop Not Returning 'Anytime Soon'". It implied that there was an outside chance he could play if the series was extended or if the Lightning were to get into the second round. This turned out to be a doomed selection. Kind of reminds me of Minnesota in last season's playoffs.

Columbus in 6 – I like the way they play and I am not sold on Fleury. I stayed with this selection even though I knew that Horton was not going to be playing because he was going to have surgery to repair a sports hernia. The article on by Chris Peters was written on April 11th, 2014 and it refers to the injury. I was stubborn and it cost me.

Colorado in 6 – Do you go against Patrick Roy and the two Stanley Cup rings plugging up his ears? Seriously though, the Avalanche are an explosive young team and I was not sold on Minnesota's goaltending. This article, "Wild's goalie situation still murky", from Scott Burnside of ESPN had me believing that Colorado was going to win the series.

St. Louis in 7 – Yes, they Blues were in a downward flunk but I thought they would start fresh in the post season. Chicago was going to be a tough out and I thought they could do it. They only allowed 191 goals against in the regular season (compared to Chicago's 220). Defense wins… but not this time.


Now my successes:

Boston in 6 – Talk of the season series and puck possession stats did not influence me here. Boston is the Presidents Trophy winner and with a +84 goal differential I felt they could beat the generally older Red Wings. Simple as that.

NY Rangers in 7 – I like Philadelphia's offensive upside but I don't like their goaltending. It has been talked about over and over again since Ron Hextall was no longer a Flyer. The Rangers do have Lundqvist and I thought if it went to game seven he would seal it for them.

Anaheim in 6 – The way they played all season long impressed me.