May 26, 2014

Dobber Sports


Be sure to check out Brendan Ross’ (@RossyYoungblood) ramblings over at DobberProspect as he breaks down the prospects that competed at the MasterCard Memorial cup and other happenings around the world of hockey.




Here is a recap of Henrik Samuelsson’s Memorial Cup performance and his outlook for next season.


Back. This time for good. The illness ended up lasting (in that extreme state) for five days and required antibiotics. But as of Wednesday I was able to get back to work and catch up on about 13 days of emails. And today… it’s a frantic sprint to the finish line on the Fantasy Prospects Report! Out Sunday, June 1.


The Los Angeles Kings remind me of this guy in my fantasy league (keeper). It’s points only and includes the playoffs. He would finish last – or close to it – in the regular season and then win the playoffs. He would somehow stack his team with playoff studs (at the time it was the Devils and Red Wings), and the rest of his roster was crappy enough that he would finish close to last during the season. We had to make a rule that the winner of the playoff trophy picks last in the first round. That put a stop to his practice of tanking for a good pick and then raking in the playoff money. Later we added a rule in which the Bottom 5 teams (of 14) do not qualify for the playoff tournament.

Instead, the points that those five teams earn (i.e. what the players on those teams earn in the playoffs) will come off the regular season total. It adds a new twist to ‘tanking’ for top pick.

Anyway, the Kings remind me of that guy. They’re really horrible in the regular season but you can’t put them away in the playoffs. And if it’s not Kopitar, it’s Carter. Jeff Carter‘s been feasting on the Blackhawks. When was the last time he got eight points in three regular season games? Years? And Tyler Toffoli has a goal in each game against Chicago. These are games in which he averages about 12 minutes of ice time.


For those who don’t follow the IIHF World Hockey Championship (this year in Minsk, Belarus), Team Russia spanked Team Finland 5-2 to win Gold. The Russians had Ovechkin, Malkin and Bobrovsky – and then it was pretty much a who’s who of KHLers. I mean, how long was Sergei Shirokov on my Fantasy Prospects List? He opened the scoring Sunday, but the former Vancouver prospect was a Top 100 guy on my list for years. Viktor Tikhonov – pretty much played his way off the Coyotes. Anton Belov – had enou