Top 10 guys who will never live up to potential

Tom Collins



Here are 10 guys who are never going to live up to their potential

Fantasy general managers, much like their real-life counterparts, have a tendency to become too attached to a player they drafted and have had on their team for years.

We always believe they can turn it around, that these players are just a break or two away from a huge season which will lead us to a fantasy hockey championship. So we hold onto these guys, refusing trades and not thinking clearly to the player we drafted.

At some point, we need to realize that these players are never going to take that next step. Here are 10 such players.


10. Zach Bogosian

We covered this one a few weeks ago when we were talking about players who need a change of scenery. But the fact of the matter is Bogosian hasn't lived up to the billing of the third overall pick in 2008. Maybe it's time to forget about his potential, and realize a 30-point campaign is as good as you're going to get from this guy. It must be especially painful for Jets fans, knowing the next guy taken in the draft was Alex Pieterangelo.


9. Erik Gudbranson

When the Florida Panthers stepped up to the draft podium in 2010, players like Ryan Johansen, Jeff Skinner and Mikael Granlund were still on the board. Instead, the Panthers went with Gudbranson. It wasn't the wrong pick at the time (most experts had Gudbranson as the third overall pick), but things haven't panned out that great since then. In three full seasons, Gudbranson has just five goals and 21 points, to go along with a minus-48. There's still time for him to turn it around, but with each game, it's becoming less likely.


8. David Booth

It wasn't too long ago that many poolies were thinking that if only Booth could get on a better team than Florida, he'd be putting up better numbers. After all, he had 60 points in 2008-09, and then 16 in 28 games the following season. But since then, he hasn't been above 40, and his move to Vancouver hasn't helped his offence (just 51 points in 134 games since the trade). It's time to admit that the 60-point season was an anomaly, and Booth is a 35-40 point guy.


7. Michael Grabner

The 14th overall pick from the 2006 NHL draft has shown flashes of offensive prowess, especially shor