June 09, 2014



I released the Fantasy Prospects Report last week, but there will be a big update for it 48 hours after the Cup is won…which could be, uh, Friday. This is my eighth annual Prospects Report. My best one.


If NHL hockey teams were like houses from the Game of Thrones


Ondrej Palat signed a three-year extension with TB, for reportedly $10 million. That’s probably enough scratch to ensure that his spot on a scoring line is secure – unless and until he goes on a very lengthy cold streak. Bodes well for his continued success next season, though I would project a tiny decline in numbers for Year 2 (with a huge bounce-back in his third year).


I know Thom touched on this yesterday, but I just think it’s a crazy fact – the Kings lead the series 2-0 and yet have held a lead for exactly zero seconds. How awesome would it be to have a team win a series without ever holding a lead? And on a related note, why not just spot the Kings a goal and let them try to protect the lead going into the third? Seems like the only way to beat them these days.

I really like Benoit Pouliot‘s fit on that Brassard – Zuccarello line, but the dumb penalties have to stop. In fact, if the Rangers didn’t re-sign him in the summer and signed a similar player who is not as dumb when it comes to penalties, they’d be further ahead. He’s coming off his best season, statistically – especially when you take his season from December 1 onwards. But he’s had 11 minors in the postseason and I’m guessing seven or eight of them were terrible. If he does re-sign with New York and Zuccarello and Brassard can stay relatively healthy (and that’s an issue too), then I can see Pouliot flirt with 50 points. If he’s cut loose and joins another team, yet again, then I doubt he tops what he just did.

Should King (of the Kings) have been called for interference on the King, Saturday? Maybe. King had position and was planted, but blocked King Henrik from moving over…but then King, Dwight that is, was blocked from moving out of the way (not that he wanted to, or was trying to). Anyway, I can see it being gray an area for a penalty, but no question the goal should have been waved off and a faceoff out of the zone. I do wish the unbiased former Ranger Glenn Healey (who was frothing at the mouth about it) would relax.

Here is that interference call so you can take another look at it:

Even Lundqvist said it wasn’t a penalty, but…

“I don’t think it’s a penalty but you’ve got to stop the play if the goalie can’t move in his crease,” Lundqvist said. “And it’s not like I’m outside the crease. I play pretty deep. Just be consistent with i