Marian Hossa vs. Jason Pominville

Rick Roos



Last three years Marian Hossa out-pointed Jason Pominville 168-167. Who is the better fantasy own?


This week's battle – Marian Hossa vs. Jason Pominville – might seem like a mismatch based on name recognition; but a bit of digging reveals they scored within one point of each other over the past three seasons (168 for Hossa, 167 for Pominville). Will this continue, or is one the clearly better choice for next season and beyond? You've come to the right place to find out – Cage Match starts now!


Career Path and Contract Status/Cap Implications

Hossa, 35, got his first taste of NHL action the year he was drafted (1997 – 12th overall). He proceeded to hit the 75 point mark by age 22, and had an amazing stretch of hockey from 2002-03 to 2006-07 where his scoring climbed from 80, to 82, then 92, and finally to 100. He's also shown he can produce on any squad, topping 70 points for each of the four teams with which he spent a full season. But since 2006-07 Hossa not only has failed to top 77 points but also managed to play more than 72 games in a season just once.

Pominville (who turns 32 in November) wasn't drafted until the second round (55th overall in 2001) and toiled for 235 games in the AHL before finally sticking with the Sabres in 2006-07. And although he's topped 70 points just twice (80 in 2007-08, 73 in 2011-12), he's only fallen short of 60+ points in one full season and has registered 20+ goals in every full campaign. And unlike Hossa, Pominville has been a picture of near perfect health, playing 82 games in all but one season (missing nine games in 2010-11).

After 2014-15, Hossa will be half way through a 12 year, $63M contract. And although his actual salary will drop to $4M in 2016-17 and then to $1M each year until it ends in 2020-21 (when Hossa will be 42!), his cap hit will hold steady at $5.275M. Meanwhile, in 2014-15 Pominville starts the five year, $28M deal he signed after coming to Minnesota during 2012-13. Long story short – their cap numbers are very comparable (Hossa's $5.275M vs. Pominville's $5.6M).