Looking Back…at April, 2003 Top Players

Darren Kennedy




Looking back at April 2003 and your older brother's Sergei Gonchar

We're all a bit biased towards the time we live in. It's hard to contextualize Ovechkin and Crosby with Lemieux and Gretzky. You can watch highlights and try to gather information and better understand their greatness, but you never REALLY know unless you witnessed that generation.

In fantasy sports it's easy to live in the here and now – you have to. The second a player hits his decline or stops producing it's on to the next one. Heck we might as well all have Jay Z playing on a constant loop. It's easy to get excited about the next big thing. Tuukka Rask is, and will likely remain for some time, the best fantasy goaltender. Ovechkin, even with his detractors, is far and away the game's premier goal scorer. Karlsson is the only defencemen capable of putting up forward-like numbers every season.

But before we fell over ourselves to draft these guys there was a generation that came before. Martin Brodeur, Peter Forsberg, and Sergei Gonchar. I've always been partial to Gonchar. Maybe it was his slick outlet pass and pitch perfect one time on the power play. Or, more than likely, I remember dominating as him in NHL 03 for Play Station. With the Russian blueliner recently turning the BIG 4-0 it felt like the right time to look back at his fantasy career and remember the good times. When you're older brother (or depending on your age – your Dad!) was falling over himself to land Gonchar in the early rounds.

His career stats showcase a fantasy asset who provided elite numbers over a very long period – nine years with 50 or more points, six seasons with 15 or more goals and 1,253 games over a 20-year career. He played at a time in history that saw massive swings in defencemen production and short, ephemeral stints among the fantasy elite. Despite that, he remained constant – a reliable source of points and top tier power play numbers each and every season.

As the 2002-03 campaign drew to a close Gonchar's value was appr